Tim Brown & Design Thinking applied to Social Design

Designers love Design Thinking, or is it that they like “thinking about design”? Well, I don’t have a clear idea about that at the moment. In trying to answer the question of what design innovation techniques would help me to develop UX design projects, I found this list of five books that address the subjects of innovation and techniques used in the field, something undoubtedly related to user-centred design and what many designers have recently called “Civic Design” or “Social Design”. That is, design centred on solving problems that improve social conditions for groups of people.

Along these lines, and after consulting this list of books about Design Thinking and innovation, I have become fascinated with a 2009 Ted talk by Tim Brown, SEO of IDEO. In this fantastic 16-minute talk he explains how Design Thinking can help solve problems from those of fashion products to social and nonprofit enterprises.

In that sense, Brown urges designers to think big and focus on solving social problems that have not been solved yet. Design is like a tool to improve society from a local perspective. He presents a few examples of Indian projects where they have worked with local communities to implement a ‘design culture’ , where local people develop their own insights, look for solutions and produce their own products, by themselves.

Tim also edited a book in 2009 called “Change by Design”, which I have not read yet, but it looks like a very interesting reference for Design Thinking. You can check it out here. If you have any suggestions about creative techniques, let me know!


Ted talk: Tim Brown urges designeres to think big?

Five books in English about Design Thinking (2013)

Five books about innovation technics & design thinking (Spanish books)

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