8×8 Hero Avatars

Hero Avatars

I have created this new collection of 8×8 Heroe-avatars as a PFP (Profile Picture Project) collection that gives identity to people on the internet who wish to use them. Collections play a dual role in Web 3.0. On the one hand, they give identity to each of the people who own them and use them in their social network profiles. The profile image broadens the identity and expresses a vision of the person.

On the other hand, the PFP creates a narrative of the world, positioning and displaying a series of symbols and values on the current plane. My collection seeks to empower those who possess them through the symbol of the hero or heroine. On the other hand it also shows an integrative look with people of different races. All of that makes this collection a challenging collection. On a visual level, it is a collection of PIXELART. All images are constructed with a 64-pixel (8×8) grid or colored dots. Each image is minted Onchain on the Tezos network within the 8Bidou platform. This makes this collection truly a deep coinage where each owner gets a true digital asset with their acquisition. If you like them and want to get an exclusive identity, collect this collection of avatars and get yours.