8×8 Hero Avatars

Hero Avatars

8×8 Hero-Avatars emerges as a generative series in the style of a PFP collection, very novel and linked to crypto-art. Visually, it is a PIXELART collection, featuring images constructed with a grid of 64 pixels (8×8).

by Natalia Moreno

Chr5 addresses through this series an essential part of her story about the world in which we live, overly technified, having lost control of its consequences, to which she already referred in WeRobots.

In the context he describes – with different dimensions of space/time in which to move – our real, physical identity no longer serves us, we need another. It is seen by many as an opportunity to start from scratch; a mirage that makes us believe that, in this virtual world, we can be who we really are when, in reality, we create polished identities, free of the imperfections we carry in the real world. The avatar appears as the incarnation of unx in this terrain under guidelines imposed in a transmedia reality, assigning it the task of confronting virtuality for us.

Thus, every screen begins with an opening, a frame, in which our avatar acts as a self-portrait; a genre that reappears with force but now in a totally desacralised form, a way of constructing ourselves from the simulacrum and the appearance. Contemporary art acts as a platform to vindicate and affirm our physical presence through the exploration of its narrative and imaginative possibilities.

Bruno Latour, indispensable thinker of post-modernity, speaks of quasi-subjects relating to quasi-objects in an era in which a nostalgia for identity is perceived in the framework of anthropologically oriented phenomena linked to multiculturalism, post-colonialism, the charm of the exotic, the periphery, the rebirth of identities and the praise of differences.

In this context, Chr5 develops a series of avatars of colourist aesthetics with a separation from the real epidermal pantone – blurring personal patterns that in the physical world cause inequality and conflict – so that, perhaps, in a virtual world we can start from scratch from an integrating stance.

Nft Art Collection

by Chr5

My collection of PFP avatars seeks to empower those who own them through the symbol of the hero or heroine. On the other hand it also shows an inclusive look with people of different races. All this makes this collection a challenging one. On a visual level, this is a PIXELART collection. All the images are constructed with a 64 pixel grid (8×8) or colored dots.

Would you like to collect an avatar from this collection? I am currently working on this collection and I am rethinking what blockchain it will be minted on. The collection will have over 500 unique pieces. I invite you to sign up for my collectors list and follow me on Twitter to stay up to date on its release.