Binary Structure

What would happen if we could not read Neruda or Cortázar, if we could not read books on literature or history, or any of the scholarly essays that have taken thousands of stubborn intellectuals so much effort to write? Would it be a second anal-literacy? What if this new language operated in binary coding? What would happen if we became binary beings? Would we be able to understand the current world, the subtle coding of a world reduced to zeros and ones?

Binary Structures is my first generative (or programmed) artwork. It is composed of two miniseries: Labyrinths and Secret Words. Both explore my interest in the relationship of verbal language and graphic representation. It is developed with the visual programming environment for creatives and designers

Secret Words

Secret words are words that have learned the “new” language of the world, and show themselves naturally: they have learned to speak the binary code, they coexist in the chaos, in the now, they become simple and indecipherable at the same time. They are a simple operation between the binary and the linguistic.

My secret words are the “first step” in a project that aims to “visualise the relations of the world” and show its true nature, guidelines for its interpretation and understanding.


When I was a child I loved to “create” labyrinths. Labyrinths are interactive spaces that define an architectural system with defined routes with the aim of reaching some secret place. Hiding, and therefore finding treasure, was a fun task to create. To create a labyrinth is to create a game, it is to create a playful architecture. In this case, the secret words in a “spontaneous” way and based on the dynamics of chaos, have led me to generate random labyrinth structures. Labyrinths without exits and without arrival. A game that escapes rational rules and surprises with its freshness. A representation that, once again, is alienated from the representation of today’s world.

You can currently view and purchase my Binary Structures artwork on the OpenSea platform in Crypto-art NFts format.