3d Robot glasses

8×8 Hero Avatars

I have created this new collection of 8×8 Heroe-avatars as a PFP (Profile Picture Project) collection that gives identity to people on the internet who wish to use them.

African Patterns collection

African Patterns on Tezos blockchain

I am currently developing a project of various graphic patterns on Tezos network. I am interested in geometry and the rites and customs linked to the pre-Hispanic indigenous culture of the Canary Islands. I use the millenary knowledge of African culture to build my artistic proposal..


We Robots NFT collection on Ethereum

WeRobots arises from a seemingly simple question: If our body, our head, our arms and legs, the trunks of trees, the moon and the earth have round and organic shapes… why do our houses, roads and many of the things that we “build” human beings have geometric shapes?


Binary Structures. Generative art on Ethereum blockchain

My first tokenized work has been my first generative art series entitled Binary Structures and Labyrinths created in 2014. Currently some of these pieces are for sale on the Ethereum network.

Exhibitions & Curator

NFT Canarias 2022

I am an organizer, artist and curator at Nft Canarias 2022. First exhibition of crypto art of the Canary Islands. You can see our exhibition in the virtual room of the metaverse.

Audiovisual & documentaries

Encuentros con Luis Palmero

In this documentary we meet the painter through his relationship with figures such as Carlos Pinto, Andrés Sánchez Robayna, Manolo Ojeda and Juan Manuel Bonet, on a journey through the recent history of contemporary art in the Canary Islands. Unpublished documentary.

Artworks / Collections

African Patterns, digital work, 2022 o Tezos Blockchain

We Robots, digital work 2010 – 2022 on Ethereum blockchain

Binary Structures Series – Generative Art, 2015

Living Creatures Series – Ink on Paper and digital, 2010 – 2017

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