Spectrum, Ink on paper, 2014
familia cardon
Familia cardón, 2010 – 2022


I am Chr5, generative and criptoartist based in Spain.

I have been developing an intermittent work that moves between ink drawings and geometry. I am interested in geometry and the rites and customs linked to the pre-Hispanic indigenous culture of the Canary Islands. I use the millenary knowledge of African culture to build one part of my artistic proposal. Have a look to my full statement.


We Robots, digital work 2010 – 2022 (Comming soom)

Binary Structures Series – Generative Art, 2015

Living Creatures Series – Ink on Paper and digital, 2010 – 2017


Mazes on OpenSea (April 2021)


Encuentros con Luis Palmero, 2019

La mirada sagrada, 2020