Interview with Javier Arrés about Criptoart

Javier Arrés, in addition to being the artist of greater international recognition within the new field of crypto art in Spain, is an excellent person, generous and humble, friendly and, with an excellent sense of humor always willing to talk and share his experience on any matter related to his career. Unlike many interviews with artists, this interview is aimed at creatives. In it we review his career as a professional, where Javier tells us how he began his career as a designer, what kind of work he was doing and how he managed to position himself within the world of international illustration agencies. Later we investigate his crypto-artistic work where he gives us his vision of the field of crypto art focusing on the type of work that he considers can work in this new artistic context.

It lasts approximately twenty minutes and is made in Spanish.

In the second part of this interview we investigate market aspects within crypto art. It will be available exclusively within the Online Course of crypto art aimed at artists and visual creatives that I am currently preparing and that I hope will be available soon. You can sign up for my list of interested parties and take advantage of the launch discount I will make as soon as it becomes available. It will be an online video course of affordable price for all those interested in entering fully into the field of crypto art in a rigorous way.

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