In the last ten years I have organized and curated art exhibitions related with my cultural project Awwa Art. I am currently a curator in the NFT Canarias project. You can read some texts that articulate these exhibitions included in the catalogs.


52 Weeks Artists Drop

I coordinate and curate 52Weeks Artists Drop, the first multidrop at and Tezos blockchain where 26 latinamerican and european artists are minting.

The concept of this project is “The cryptoartist is present (curatorial text) “. I defend the thesis that production and collecting are part of the essence of digital art on blockchain.

CanAfrica poster

CanAfrica 2022

CanAfrica 2022 was the first exhibition of Canarian and African artists at NFT. This exhibition, held on October 2022, featured thirteen artists from three different countries: Nigeria, Senegal and Spain.

The theme agreed between Djibril Drame and myself was “Water” as a framework of union between the continent and the Canarian and continental African culture. Access the curatorial texts of this exhibition.

nftcanarias cover

Nft Canarias 2022

I am the creator and co-curator of Nft Canarias 2022, the First Crypto Art Exhibition from the Canary Islands.

The text “Identity and globalization in the space of cryptoart” is included in the catalogue of this exhibition.

museo pescador

Awwa Art at Museo del Pescador

In 2019 I curated the exhibition Awwa Art at the Fisherman’s Museum of Tenerife. Artists: Xavi Roca, Yeyo Riancho, Colletive art exhibition in Museo del Pescador, Tenerife, Canary Islands, 2019 participated. This project was co-financed by the City Council of Santiago del Teide.

Island 2.0

In 2013 I curated the first Awwa Art exhibition in San Andrés y Sauces, Canary Islands. Artists: Luis Palmero Samarín, Pedro Fausto, Jorge Beda, Rosa Vidal, Mercedes Martín, Jesús Guerra, Isa Rossié, Óscar Lorenzo and Charlie Five participated.

Text: “The Sacred Symbols in Canary Art” is included in this catalogue.