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WeRobots Collection


Spanish artist Chr5’s WeRobots collection is released at NFT after 12 years of gestation.

The artist is launching a multi-change on the 1st and 2nd of April based mainly on the Solana and Ethereum blockchains. Each piece is unique and will be available on the platform (Solana) and Ethereum (Based on my own contract). Take advantage of this unique opportunity to collect the work of digital artist Chr5.

The Collection

werobots artworks

The Kiss (Digital Painting and Animation, 2010-2023), The World (Digital Painting and Animation 2010-2023), The Creator (Digital Painting, 2010-2023), Broken Engine (Digital Painting, 2010-2022), Flower on my Head (Digital Painting & animation, 2010-2023) and Friendship (Digital Painting, 2010-2023) are some of the pieces that the artist will present in this drop.

The creation of the work began in 2010 when the artist was doing his last years of studies in Germany. There he began his reflection on contemporary life, the coldness of the geometry that envelops and circumscribes human beings. The art critic Natalia Moreno has written a text exploring these issues in depth.

The Drop

In this Drop the artist will launch pieces of static art or digital painting made on paper and transferred to vectorial drawing and animations. Each piece is unique and will be available on Solana and on Opensea on Ethereum. In addition to all of this there will be a low cost OpenEdition of one piece so that fans interested in the artist’s work can get their hands on one.

Animations Auction on OpenSea

The highest impact animated works will be put up for auction from 1 Apri until 9 April.

The Ethereum blockchain will feature animated works The Kiss (1200 x 1500 px), The World (1500 x 1200 px) and some more. Bidders of the artwork on Ethereum will be able to access an exclusive openedition artwork. The reserve price for the animated works is 0.5 Eths.

Auction at Exchange.Art

On the 2nd of April the auction will open on Xchange art for some of the works in the collection. The people who “bid” in this auction, will be provided with an exclusive NFT sketch of the original work on paper, where the final work was born. These sketches will only be exclusive to bidders of the work at Solana.

The Reserve price on FormFunction will be 20 Soles (300 usd approx).

OpenEdition on Ethereum

Open Edition

Another new feature of this release will be the launch of an OpenEdition starting at a base price of 0.01 Eth (approximately 15€).

The OpenEdition will run for 24 hours only on 7 April at 20:30 hrs UTC +0 (London hour) and will take place on the artist’s own minting website.

The minting address will be published on this website and on Twitter on 7 April.


Reservation prices

The prices start from a floor price of:

  • 1/1 Solana: 20 Sol for digital artwork (200 € approx.).
  • 1/1 Ethereum. 0,5 Eths for animations (approx. 500 €).
  • Openedition: 0,01 Eths for the open edition of a work.

Prices will vary if the work is a digital painting or an animation.

Digital paintings will start at 20 sol (approx. 300$) and the price for animations will be 0.5 Eth (approx. 800$). And there will be a maximum of 5 still pieces and 5 animated pieces. A total of 10 pieces.

The animated pieces, also 1/1 will be released on Ethereum in my own contract. They are pieces that combine art, animation and programming, since the work has been created with processing. Finally they are transformed into a video.

Finally there will be an OpenEdition of one of the works that will be specially aimed at collectors and followers of my work. This drop will be made in my own minteo page.


The launch will take place on Saturday 1 April at 21:00 hrs at Twitter Space.

  • 1 April 2023: 21:00 hrs. Presentation of the work in a Twitter Space in English and start of the Auction in Ethereum.
  • 2 April 2023: 22:00 hrs. Start of the auction of the animation work on Ethereum.

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