What is a Poap

One of the things I’ve learned this year around blockchain is how to create and collect POAPs. What are POAPS (Proof of Assitence Protocol)?

As the name suggests, they are proofs of participation or attendance. Remember that Michael Jackson, Nirvana or Metallica concert ticket you have from the 80s? Imagine now that this “ticket” or “souvenir” is registered in a blockchain associated with your wallet with all the advantages that this entails. On the one hand you have a “real” and authentic digital record of your attendance. You can save it, view it and share it.

On the other hand you have all the advantages of the blockchain: you could trade this ticket, give it away or sell it if someone is interested in it. For the creators of any event – whether it’s an online event, a physical event, a birthday or a bachelorette party – it has many advantages. They are very easy to create and can be used as a reminder or to keep a record of the attendees who collected them. Anyone with an Ethereum wallet can create them and can receive them. The poap.xyz project allows you to make it visible through their website and they also have an app that you can download and use to see your proof of attendance.

Yesterday I tried to collect a POAP that PaisanoDAO had created in one of their Twitter spaces and I couldn’t find the “mintear” option. “Minify” means that you have to log in and “confirm” that you want that POAP to be created and be able to collect it. This “minting” can be done through a web link, by using a secret word provided by the organisers or by scanning a QR code. In this case I was looking for where to enter the secret word and I couldn’t find it. The trick is to use the Mobile APP. The Mintear option is only available on the mobile app. So I had to download it. Remember: in our next NFT Canarias event we will create our POAPs, so create a wallet and start collecting our artistic poaps. See you on the blockchain!

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