Nft Music

musica nft

A few days ago I attended a spectacular Nft Music Twitter space organised (spanish) by Mito Gallery where several Hispanic entrepreneurs were presenting and discussing the innovative aspects that the world of nft music brings with it. Some of the things that stood out in this twitter space had to do with the new relationship that is being established between creators and fans. The blockchain brings with it that relationship of closeness where artists and fans are able to relate to each other in a very different way to the way they have been relating to each other until now, and this more direct contact is now possible thanks to NFTs. Many artists offer their fans and buyers to keep in touch in whatsapp groups, where the artist shares news before releasing it to the general public. Special editions of their songs, merchandising related to their music production (guzzu participated), video previews or any other matter related to their career. In this way the connection between fan and artist is even closer if possible.

Several NFT music platforms were discussed, among them where you can buy the music releases that the artists of this platform are launching or other NFT streaming platforms such as audius that are launching and that in some way comes to combat the current business model concentrated in very few companies that pay per listen to their musicians.

The NFT sales model is a new model that is helping many artists to “survive economically” with their artistic work. Hence the talk of the “economic sustainability of the artist” which presupposes that an artist who has 100 or 200 followers-buyers of his work, can manage to support himself economically by producing his art and doing what he likes without the need to reach the mass market. Everything that the NFTs propose as a new model of artistic production and sustainability is a very interesting subject.

In this sense, this Sunday 5th February, from and we will have a space on twitter dedicated to NFT Music where we will have the guest artist SonarKlang and the Mexican youtuber CriptoWolf talking about this interesting topic that is the nfts in the world of music. We are waiting for you.

Damien Hirst’s Currency

Damien Hirst

At the moment, 1700 people have bought some of the 10,000 pieces that make up the work “The Currency” by Damien Hirst, one of the three most sought-after artists worldwide in the art world. He now explores the world of cryptographic art with his first collection titled “The Coin.” As a challenge and exercise in skill, the artist makes a work on paper, plastically simple: a series of randomly painted colored dots cover the entire sheet of paper.

“The Currency” proposes a game to the buyer, demanding that he decide between the physical work and its replica minted in NFT. The artist proposes in “The Currency” a reflection, What happens when the work of Art becomes currency (in NFT) and the Currency (the NFT) becomes Art? Where are the boundaries and linkages of each area? To investigate this concept, the artist takes this premise to its ultimate consequences: The artist creates unique works on paper, which are replicated on the blockchain in NFT. Just as NFTs are guarded, each work is guarded in a safe. Each buyer of the NFT acquires the right to the work on paper, and “ultimately, (the buyer) must decide between the digital NFT or the physical work of art, which are works of his property. Whichever he chooses, the other will be burned.” In this way the artist “carnalizes” the process of “burning” an NFTs in the physical simile of “destroying” the work on paper. The work has been minted on Palm Blockchain and is shown on OpenSea.